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The employment relationship in Trinidad and Tobago is governed by a combination of “the principles and practices of good industrial relations”, Common Law, Labour and Employment Law and Human Resource

Management policies and systems.

Employment Relations is dynamic and ever changing. At its simplest, it is about the employment relationship. It is about equity and fairness. It is a melting pot of various interests: rights of the employer and the employee, management’s prerogative to manage its affairs, Trade Unionism, the community and the economy.

At the time when the Industrial Stabalization Act (and now its successor the Industrial Relations Act) came into force, the label “industrial relations” to many (and still to many) referred to relations between employers and workers, with a focus on relations in unionized companies and in the public sector. While the term “industrial relations” is still very much alive and well in Trinidad and Tobago and many other countries, Hunte Williams has adopted the term “employment relations” as we believe this term gives a better reflection of what really exist.

The term “principles and practices of good industrial relations” was expressed as “… those informal uncodified understandings which are ancient habits of dealings adopted by the Trade Unions and acquiesced in or agreed to by employers.” Per J. A. Evan Rees in Civil Appeal No. 30 of 1972 between Caribbean Printers Limited v Union of Commercial and Industrial Workers.

This explanation, in relation to day to day employment issues, may not mean much to many employers or employees. Hunte Williams has the experience and expertise to guide in these areas.

Some of the most popular areas of advice:

• Employment relationship

• Work Permits

• Employee misconduct

• Absenteeism and Punctuality

• Investigation into alleged wrongdoing

• Disciplinary process and action

• Restructuring and Redundancy

• Performance management

• Treating with Trade Union

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